Each design is created with a purpose. We are starting with giclee prints of poster art which can be displayed to decorate your home, be a constant reminder of GOD, and an ever-present witness for Christ. Poster art is being designed as opposed to fine art because with poster art the message is understood quickly, whereas fine art is open to numerous interpretations. We have nothing against fine art, it's just that we want the message being conveyed by our designs to be immediate and definitive. We aim to be true to GOD's word, therefore our designs and their purpose will not be politically correct because our goal is to be biblically correct. To read the purpose for these designs, click on the category title to pull up the page with a collection of prints and why they were created.

Passages About Jesus Christ

GOD Almighty

The Law

The Teachings of Jesus Christ

The Miracles of Jesus Christ


How We Should Live

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Prejudice and Bigotry