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As David danced before the Lord and wrote the psalms, these designs are to encourage us to worship our Lord freely with love, reverence, and awe. The church has not always been willing to sing a new song unto the Lord, or to dance before the Lord. Legalism had put such a stranglehold on the creative expression of worship that only old hymns, using only certain instruments, sung only a certain way, and a minimum of movement was allowed. As a result the world had progressed in the arts while the church remained stagnant. Centuries ago it was the church that commissioned the great artists of the world to produce the great art of the world. Since then the church has allowed the world to set the standard for the arts. And what is art, but an expression of worship. It is using the talents and gifts that GOD has placed in each one of us to give back to Him in love, which is worship. Just as when we as parents teach our children skills and they then use those skills to give us something to show they love us, it is the same with GOD and us, His children. Since the church stopped singing a new song unto the Lord, art no longer glorifies GOD, but glorifies man. Fortunately we are now seeing churches open up to worshiping GOD more freely and His children are creating new expressions of art to glorify Him. We look to capture this passion of worship by creating art that glorifies GOD.

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