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This nation was founded on GOD's word and these works of art are for the purpose of bringing GOD back to the forefront of this nation. These designs are to remind this nation that the founding fathers came here seeking religious freedom to worship their GOD, our GOD, without any restrictions from the government. This nation is rooted in Judeo-Christian principles and these works of art are a testimony of GOD being in the very founding of this nation. We hope these designs will inspire Christians to take a stand for GOD's honor in the political arena.

Yes, we know theopolitical is not a word, but we feel this expresses the thought of faith and politics in one word. Besides, if we can have words like geopolitical to describe factors of geography, economics, and demography on politics, and sociopolitical to describe things relating social and political factors, then why not a word to describe those things that relate faith and politics.

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Passages About Jesus Christ

GOD Almighty

The Law

The Teachings of Jesus Christ

The Miracles of Jesus Christ


How We Should Live

Poetry and Prose

GOD Bless America



Prejudice and Bigotry

"Pennies" giclee print poster