Prejudice and Bigotry

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These works of art are to combat prejudice and bigotry in the church and this nation. GOD created one man and one woman and placed in them the ability to reproduce. He also placed the genetic information for them to not simply produce clones, but rather a vast array of human beings. GOD created variety in all life, which includes mankind. This variety is a thing of beauty to behold of GOD's divine creation. We use the word variety to describe humans rather than diversity on purpose. Variety refers to differences within a group and diversity refers to separate groups. Would you ever say you have a diversity of fruit or would you say you have a variety of fruit. Therefore, we say the differences we see in each other are the variety that is within the family of man.

The word variety as defined in the "Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary" means a number of different types of things especially ones in the same general category. The word diversity is defined as the state of being diverse. The word diverse is defined as of a different kind, form, character, etc.; unlike. Again, in the "Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary" the description of diverse when compared to the synonyms various, different, and distinct is defined as usually suggesting a disparity capable of leading to conflict or disagreement. Conflict does not sound very unifying. Diverse is derived from the Latin origin diversus which is from the past participle of divertere which is equivalent to di- + vert (base of vertere) + -tus (past participle suffix). Di- as used in diverse is the variant of dis- which is the Latin prefix meaning apart, asunder, away, utterly. Vertere means to turn. Divertere means to turn in opposite directions and is the Latin origin of the word divert. So when we look at the origins of the words diverse and diversity we see it describes that which is turned in opposite directions, or apart, or asunder, or away. So when we focus on diversity, we are focusing on separation not unity. Let's use the church as an example. The diversity of interpretations of scripture has divided the church into different denominations, whereas the variety of cultures within the church has not created different denominations. Therefore, the term diversity connotes separation, but the term variety does not.

The words diverse and diversity have been popularized by the secular humanists and liberals to deal with bigotry, yet the words themselves are divisive in meaning. Notice that they did not use the word variety which describes differences within a group. Remember that Satan is the ruler of this world and those who are in the world do not know GOD and are beguiled by the Devil whether they know it or not. As a result, what the world poses as solutions will not solve the problems because they're influenced by Satan, who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The only true solutions to the problems of this world come from GOD's word. Therefore, when the secular humanists preach their solutions, you need to know it comes from the Devil and not from GOD and therefore needs to be cast down.

When we focus on GOD we will see, as the body of Christ, that we have one Father and we all belong to the same family. When we focus on man, we see the outward differences and separate into different, or as the world would say diverse, groups. The word diversity is being used by the enemy in order to divide people by making them place themselves into a particular group rather than the human race as a whole. This term is being used constantly in this nation and also in the church. As we have shown, the origin of the word diversity is divisive and there should be no place for this kind of division in the church or this nation. Whenever we emphasize our differences and make decisions based on things like ethnicity and gender, we are actually fighting prejudice with prejudice. Remember that Satan is sly and cunning, and will use something that seems good on the surface in order to deceive people and destroy them. Twice in Proverbs it states: "There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death." (Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25 NASB) The Devil hates the church because it is made up of GOD's children and he hates this nation because it was founded by GOD's children and based on GOD's word. As Americans, we should stress that we are one nation under GOD. The church should stress our oneness in Christ not our different groups. GOD didn't create separate groups of people. There is only one race and that is the human race. The world does not know the Father, but we as the Body of Christ are supposed to know the Father and if we all belong to the same Father, then we are all part of the same family.

In spite of those who seek to divide us, may the church be united as the body of Christ and America be united under GOD. This business/ministry will use the artwork we produce and this website to expose and fight the lies of the enemy, Satan. In our designs that deal with the issue of prejudice and bigotry we will always point towards GOD and His word as the answer.

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Prejudice and Bigotry

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